Teksty piosenek / A / Alexander

  A broken heart kan ment


  Another day, another heart

  Another heart is broken

  Anything is possible

  Anytime you want me

  Behind the sun

  Break Free

  Breaking up is hard to do


  Don't be cool

  Even when your love is gone


  Free like the wind

  Free like the wind (deutsche)

  From the heart of an angel

  Here I am

  I believe

  I don't wanna say that

  If i can't have you tonight

  If I could live forever

  I need you

  Just tomorrow

  Light Of Day

  Like a hero



  Never knew love like this

  Relight my fire

  Stay with me

  Sunshine after the rain

  Take me tonight

  There Is No Good In Goodbye

  Today tonight tomorrow

  We had it all

  Why does it allways rain on me

  You've got that look

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