Teksty piosenek / A / Alcazar

  Almost famous

  Baby come back

  Blues in G minor

  Breaking free

  Celebrate the night


  Click your heart

  Crying at the discoteque

  Crying at the discotheque

  Dancefloor docusoap

  Dance with the Dj

  Don't leave me alone

  Don't you want me

  Funky feet

  Here i am

  I go shopping

  I love the Dj

  Last days of disco

  Love life

  Menage a trois

  Not a sinner nor a saint


  Paris in the rain


  Ritmo del amor


  Save my pride

  Seasons in the sun

  Sexual guarantee

  Shine on

  Singing to heaven


  Stars come out at night

  Start the fire

  Tears of a clone

  The bells of alcazar

  This is the world we live in



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