Teksty piosenek / A / Alanis Morissette


  21 Things I Want In A Lover

  After a year like this one

  All I Really Want

  A Man

  An Emotion Away

  Are You Still Mad ?

  Awakening Americans


  Bent 4 u

  Big Bad Love

  Can't Deny

  Can't Not

  (Change Is) Never A Waste Of Time

  Death of Cinderella

  Don't drink the water

  Doth i protest too much

  Drift away

  Eight easy steps



  Fake plastic trees

  Fate Stay With Me

  Fear of bliss

  Feel Your Love

  Find The Right Man


  Forgive Me Love


  Front Row

  Give What You Got


  Hand In My Pocket

  Hands Clean

  Happiness is a warm gun

  Head Over Feet

  Heart Of The House

  Human Touch





  I Was Hoping


  Joining You

  Keep the radio on

  King of intimidation

  King of pain

  Knees of my bees

  Mary Jane

  Movement III - Hope

  Movement I - Mercy

  Movement IX - Faith

  Movement VI - Innocence


  Never a waste of time

  No Apologies

  No presure over cappuccino

  Norwegian wood

  Not all me

  Not The Doctor


  Oh Yeah!


  One bad apple

  On My Own

  Out is through

  Party Boy



  Pollyanna flower

  Pray for peace

  Precious Illusions

  Princes familiar




  Real World

  Right Through You

  She gave me a wink

  Simple together

  Sister blister

  So called chaos

  So Pure

  Sorry to myself

  So Unsexy






  Sympathetic Character


  Thank U

  That I Would Be Good

  That Particular Time

  The Couch

  There are worse things i could do

  These are the thoughts

  The time of your life

  The weekend song

  This grudge

  Too Hot


  Unprodigal daughter




  Wake Up

  Walk Away


  When We Meet Again

  Would Not Come

  You Learn

  You Oughta Know

  You Owe Me Nothing In Return

  Your Congratulations

  Your House

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