Teksty piosenek / A / Adrian Belew


  Aches and pains

  Adidas in heat

  All her love is mine

  Animal grace

  Another time

  A plate of words

  Bad days


  Big electric cat

  Bird in a box


  Brave new world

  Bumpity bump

  Burned by the fire that we make


  Dream life


  Fear is never boring

  Fish head




  Heaven's bed


  Highway 2

  Hot Zoo

  House of cards

  I am what i am

  I'd rather be right here

  In my backyard

  Inner revolution

  I remember how to forget

  I see you

  I walk alone

  I wonder

  Life without a cage

  Little blue river

  Live in a tree

  Looking for a UFO

  May 1, 1990

  Member of the tribe

  Men in helicopters

  Modern man hurricane blues

  Motor bungalow

  Never enough

  Nobody's fool

  Not worlds apart

  Of bow and drum

  Oh daddy


  One of those days

  Only a dream

  Peaceable Kingdom

  Peace on earth

  Phone call from the moon

  Postcard from holland

  Rabbit manor

  Robobo's beef

  Save me

  Sexy rhino

  She is not dead

  Shoe salesman

  Six string

  Small world

  Something to do

  Standing in the shadow

  Stop it

  Survival in the wild


  The ideal woman

  The lone rhinoceros

  The man in the moon

  The momur

  The rail song

  The ruin after the rain

  The war in the gulf between us

  This is what i believe in

  Time waits

  What do you know

  Word play drum beat

  Young lions

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