Aaron Carter - Get Wild

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Stop... everybody get wild
  Everybody get wild
  Action, your body activates freedom
  Your mind excellerates passion
  The time has come to get wild
  Rise up and follow fusion
  Our youth is just an illusion
  Let's start a revolution
  Explore the corridores
  We'll find our restitution
  Stop... everybody get wild
  Everybody get wild
  Music, it's all around and you choose it
  To take control or you lose it
  Your way to find an escape from dancing to this song
  Power, minutes turned into hours
  Now's the time to get louder
  The light is there to be seen you're dreamin', no you've gotta
  Stop... everybody get wild
  Everybody get wild
  We've travelled so far
  To explore the mysteries of life
  And the reality of our youth
  Is overlooked by those who restrict our freedom
  Our freedom of expression, our freedom to get wild
  This is Aaron and this is my world
  And it's yours
  Stop... everybody get wild
  Everybody get wild
  Listen, they're callin' you but you're missin'
  You're standin' off in position
  A crowded room is in rage
  I'm up on stage fire
  You say you wanna go higher up and fly away you're gone,
  Ain't nothing wrong with standin', I'm commandin' you to
  Stop... everybody get wild
  Everybody get wild
  Everybody get wild.

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