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Aaliyah - You won't see me tonight

Tekst piosenki:

   Ever been in love
  Are you ready... for something real?
  Cause you cant be fake, this aint no game
  You gotta be with me, for real
  Cause it's real out here,
  So make up your mind
  Cause I ain't got no time
  I'm the most wanted baby father
  Save the drama
  We toast when I wine and dine ya
  All u need is me I won't stress you but bless u mentally and sexual
  We both intellectual, can't forget how I met you,
  You thought I was a boxer
  Prince Nasir, but I'm the mobster
  Nas from Queens and when I got ya you riding with me
  You keep asking "when do u have time for me"?
  I'm never free always on the move
  Bidness oriented, lifestyle expensive
  I trap women
  You wanna search my pockets and act all wild
  Figure I hurt your heart ask how could I smile
  Wanna call back all my numbers
  Star 6-9 me, check my car for rubbers
  But quit trying, before you find what you looking for,
  And get to crying, you always saying what you gon do catch me lying
  Chorus: Aaliyah
  You won't see me tonight
  You won't see me tomorrow
  I'll be gone by the light
  And u'll be still feeling sorrow
  You go tell all your friends
  How you call and I follow
  But you won't see me tonight
  Bet you won't see me tomorrow
  Caramel kisses of Jezebel's sister
  I feel no guilt when I twist ya
  Turn the other cheek when I see the next freak wit ya
  You got your name on his lease, copy his key
  Thats your lil spot where you rest your wig peice
  Go head and live baby, I know you his lady
  You page me, when you got the day free
  But I be out with my peeps in them system jeeps
  You wanna lamp in the sheets of presidential suites
  Like I massage you while you massage me - Mommy,
  But can you hang with a young man who's doing his thang?
  Speak up, I wanna know if you can keep up
  Timberland boots for girls, with the tree stump
  Baggy sweatsuites mystery whats underneath them?
  They fill my eyes ??
  You call me when you lonely
  But I like to make the baddest girls wait, I got cheese baby
  (Nas) Call me back baby
  (Nas) I'm out of town baby
  (Nas) Selling all baby
  (Nas) I'll be back baby
  Thinking of me you gettin the chills
  Like a rush through your body when you think how it feels
  Give me a call and my voice gives u butterflies in your tummy
  Tell your friends you in love with Nas not his money
  And i'm cool by my man, and my word, - mad at you first
  Iceberg everything on this planet ???
  Wonderful woman Zayas
  You make a good wife to most men
  I know I got you open but you just my close friend
  Get it baby?
  Tell ya friends wha
  Not tonight baby
  The God, The God, The God, Nasir
  The Queen, The Queen, The Queen, Aaliyah
  Chorus 2x

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