Aaliyah - Hopin'

Tekst piosenki:

   feat. Quinton
  You know I love you so
  baby don't let it go
  'Cause I'm feelin' you
  it's a feelin' I can't fight
  been this way one year, three nights
  You say im dope
  I say you right
  wanna be wit you
  hope'n threw the night
  hope you like my style
  hope I drive you wild
  hope you digg'n me
  baby I'm open (I'm hope'n)
  boy if ypu want it
  dare you to come get it
  want you take me out
  You know what im talkin' bout
  dont step to me if you ain't coming now
  (Q)-baby it's 'bout time
  You want'n mine
  'Cause I been waiting
  why aren't we dating
  (hook )

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