Teksty piosenek / 7 / 7 Seconds

  99 Red Balloons

  Aim To Please

  Best Friend



  Change The Key

  Clenched Fists, Black Eyes


  Definite Choice



  Good To Go

  Here's Your Warning

  Here We Go Again, Kids

  I Have A Dream

  In Your Face

  I See You Found Another Trophy

  Message From A Friend

  Never Try

  Not Just Boys' Fun

  Not just boys fun

  One Big Guessing Game

  Red And Black

  Safety Net

  Slow Down A Second

  Sooner Or Later

  Soul to Keep (For Phyllis)

  Sour Grapes


  Straight On


  The Crew

  This is the angry (part 1)

  This Is The Angry (part 2)

  This World Of Mine

  True Roots Show


  What If There's War In America?

  You Lose!

  Young 'Til I Die

  Young til i die

  You See The Flaws

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