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28 Days - True Story

Tekst piosenki:

And the story stays the same
  The only difference is the name
  He's a nice guy and she is a bad girl
  He thinks that she can do no wrong
  Although secretly
  She longs for every penis in the world
  The only one who doesn't know
  And while he's bringing in the dough
  She is so busy screwing the days away
  Although she doesn't deserve it
  He seems to think that she's worth it
  I can't help thinking of denial
  I swear I see it when she smiles at guys
  He gets a little crazy
  I don't know how he puts up with
  All of her freaky cheating shit
  I could not stand my girl to play me
  Monday through to Saturday
  And she fucks around on him
  While he's working

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