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28 Days - Goodbye

Tekst piosenki:

thought i left you all behind,
  when you feel out of my mind,
  thought i made it clear that i just didn't want to be,
  near you, comply again,
  we can never ben classed as just friends,
  and we both know it was time to go...
  and as i walk away,
  I distinctly remember hearing you say,
  I knew your plans, Yeah i'll be back,
  but i didn't come back did i?
  did i expect this one to last?
  respect is what ou had.
  and it was just the same,
  no you hadn't changed a bit,
  those simultaneous things, and we are all friends,
  I've got somethign you want,
  I've sold my cue, so what's the question oh?
  goodbye again,
  we both know it just had to end.
  goodbye again, goodbye again.
  it was time to go,
  goodbye, goodbye again.

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