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28 Days - Eats Away

Tekst piosenki:

I can't stand
  The taste of defeat
  Just like any man
  But I know I'll lose more sleep
  If I waste another chance
  For nothing more than the fear of the unknown
  Don't wait
  People may have broken down your trust in yourself
  So you take that bitter pill and it hurts when you swallow down on it
  And it sits inside of you and it slowly eats away
  Take that step
  So don't wait
  'Cause you know you can't afford to
  Take a step
  Without your fear of failure
  Let the rest
  Just drop into place
  You'll never know until you place some trust in yourself
  Years will pass
  But nothing may ever change
  If you don't want that for a life and do something today
  All those dreams that you have
  Not that far out of reach
  You can't live a life
  A life of what ifs
  The chances you had
  The time that you waste
  Realise now that they may never come again
  The rest of your life has just begun
  So step to the plate
  What's done is done

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