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28 Days - Ball Of Hate

Tekst piosenki:

inside you is you heart
  as also is a ball of hatred
  you struggle within
  dont let that hatred swallow you whole
  cause darkness is all you see
  you use it as a foundation of strength
  but in fact its what makes you weak
  you are so much more
  than that ball of hate
  (but it's all that you'll let us see)
  we won't tear you apart
  we're you're fucking friends
  but I won't take the fall
  just to save your ball of bitter hatred
  it's your call now it's up to you
  what will you do?
  I know you can be yourself
  again closer to the kid I knew
  you can be you it's not that hard to do
  if you trust in us like I said
  we won't tear you apart
  it's up to you to make a start

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